Rewards. On your terms.

Use Swell’s rewards program to increase purchase frequency, average order size, and other key metrics.


Using Swell's Javascript SDK, includes each customer's points balance wherever you'd like on the site, including in the site header and customer account page.


With Swell, you can build your social media presence by giving customers points for interacting with your store on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Use Swell’s variety of pre-built options to reward customers with points for the actions which matter to your business.


Want to reward customers for a highly-specific action? With Swell's Actions API, you can give points for the specific actions which drive your business forward.


One of Swell's key benefits is that our programs work seamlessly together. For example, Swell merchants can easily offer points for referrals; referrals are simply another 'action' for which customers can earn points.

Benefit from Swell's 10+ Ways to Earn Points:

A classic way to encourage customers to return frequently and spend more, Points for Purchases allows you to reward customers with a selected number of points for every unit of currency they spend at your store.
If you've ever been a frequent customer at the local coffee shop, car wash, or other casual service establishment, chances are you've received a paper "punch card" that entitles you to a reward once you've reached a certain number of visits. Punch card campaigns are extremely effective for stores that operate in-person, online, or both!
Goal Spend allows you to easily and effectively give your customers an reward only after they've spent an amount of your choosing. Customers will be motiviated to come back more often to reach the spend goal; in fact, some of our merchants have increased their revenue from existing customers by over 300% using this campaign alone!
Facebook Likes are a critical asset for any business; once a customer likes your Page, you can market to them in a place that the average user visits 13 times per day. Swell's Facebook Like option gives customers points when they visit your Facebook Page (note that we're not able to track whether the customer has clicked on the Like button).
Instagram has quickly become one of the most important social media platforms for brands; in particular, visually-oriented businesses (such as e-commerce) benefit significantly from a strong Instagram presence. With Swell's Instagram Follow option, you can give customers points when they Follow your Instagram account.
Swell can help you significantly bolster your presence on Twitter: we'll help you grow your base of Twitter Followers, expand the reach of each of your Tweets, and encourage your customers to compose original Tweets about your business.
Product reviews are an incredibly effecive way to boost revenue; additional product reviews can improve conversion, SEO, customer engagement, and more. If you use Yotpo to power product reviews for your store, you can use Swell to automatically reward customers with points or coupons each time a review is written.
Customers who create store accounts are not only likely to remain more engaged post-purchase, but in many cases, creating a store account means opting in to your newsletter as well. With Swell, you can encourage more of your first-time visitors to create store accounts, and turn one-time buyers into repeat purchasers in the process.
Were you recently covered in a major news article? How about a blog post highlighting a major new product release? Whatever the occasion, you can use Swell's Read Content campaign to direct users towards targeted content, and then ask them a simple question before they earn the points to ensure that they've read it.