Choose the plan that fits your budget.

Swell’s pricing philosophy is simple: we win when you win. As your order volume grows, our plans are designed to grow in turn.

Pricing Options

All users start on our Bronze plan, which is free up to 100 orders/month. All plans include an unlimited number of customers!



  • 200 Orders*
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Ability to Reward Instagram Follows
  • Embedded Point Balances
  • Embedded Referral Links
  • Hide Swell Branding
  • Link to Rewards Popup
  • Embed Rewards and Referral Popups
  • Exclude Products And/Or Collections
  • Exit Intent
  • Sync Newsletter Signups
  • Adjust Popup Frequency
  • Advanced Campaign Options
  • Reward In-Store (POS)



*35¢/order after 200 orders



  • 800 Orders*
  • Unlimited Customers
  • All Silver Features
  • Custom "Actions"
  • Rewards Page
  • Javascript SDK
  • Webhooks & Integrations



*20¢/order after 800 orders



  • 3,500 Orders*
  • Unlimited Customers
  • All Gold Features
  • Comprehensive Program Onboarding
  • Ongoing Program Consulting
  • "Swell Scripts"
  • Quarterly Business Reviews



*15¢/order after 3,500 orders


More than 15,000 orders a month? Let's talk about designing a program which meets all of your specific incentive marketing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Your monthly fee is calculated based on order volume for the previous 30 days. As opposed to other measures, orders provides us with the most accurate reflection as to how much value Swell is likely to generate for your store, and allows us to easily adjust pricing both upwards and downwards. Each of Swell's premium plans include a certain number of orders each month, and any additional orders are charged at a fixed rate per order.
Sure! Let's say that you subscribe to our Silver plan, and that your store receives 500 orders in a given month. Because the Silver plan includes 200 orders per month, you would be charged the base rate of $29 per month for Silver, plus $105 for the 300 orders which are not included in the Silver plan (300*$0.35 = $105). Therefore, the total monthly charge would be $134.
Our team will not automatically move your store from one plan to another (e.g. Silver to Gold), but you are more than welcome to select a new plan at any time. Within a given plan however, Swell will automatically adjust your monthly charge both upwards and downwards based on the actual number of orders received.
Regardless as to order volume, your store will enter a 30-day free trial upon install so that you can preview our premium features. If your store receives more than 100 orders, we'll just ask you to upgrade to one of our premium plans in order to prevent the program from locking after the trial.
If your store receives fewer than 100 orders a month, you can always downgrade to the Free plan; however, please keep in mind that any premium features you were utilizing would immediately stop working. For those who receive more than 100 orders, downgrading your account would temporarily pause any active programs.
Because we offer a variety of tools under one roof, pricing for our premium plans is based on the total number of orders your store receives each month. We've carefully designed our pricing to ensure that average ROI is incredibly strong regardless as to how large your store is!